Here’s a few comments from past patients:

Chris Vincent
“When I felt my calf muscle go pop three weeks before my 100km walk for charity, I feared the worst. I was able to see Tamworth Physio almost straight away and after five or six sessions and a course of daily stretches, not only was I able to participate in the event, but I managed to complete the walk in 27 hours. I have since been back with a knee injury probably related to the 100km walk and Tamworth Physio managed to fix that too. Neither problem has recurred since. Great service, valuable advice and a friendly chat during treatment – can’t ask for more than that.”
Gary Symes
“After having back problems for nearly three years it was time to visit the doctors again, you get to that stage when just putting your socks on is a nightmare.
My doctor suggested I see a very good private physiotherapist at Tamworth Physio. I found them to be very professional and within 6 weeks the difference was unbelievable.
I was like a new man with movement I had not felt for many years. I continued to see Tamworth Physio for about ten weeks as I wanted to be 100%, we continued with treatment and they talked to me about posture, how to look after my back and gave me back exercises which I still do.
My treatment with Tamworth Physio finished in December 2009 since then my back has been brilliant to the extent I have been going to Kung Fu classes since March 2010. What more can I say. If you have tried the rest you need to see the best. Again, Thank You Tamworth Physio, life’s a lot better now.”
Robin Lewis
“The service that I received from Tamworth Physio was professional and of a high quality. Within the initial assessment of my problem they had pinpointed what they believed to be the problem and began to remedy it. I began to feel the effects straight after the first session and combined with the tips and advice from Tamworth Physio I was able cure a fairly long lasting problem that I had with my back in a short period of time. Tamworth Physio were both helpful and affordable and I would highly recommend their services.”
Gareth Cook
“After my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) operation, Tamworth Physio looked after me during the all important recovery period. At my first session with Tamworth Physio, my knee was fixed in a heavy brace and I relied on crutches to get around. Within a couple of weeks I had ditched the crutches and removed the brace thanks to Tamworth Physio’s careful and professional treatment. I was delighted at how quickly I recovered and my friends were amazed at how quickly I was back on my feet and walking properly again after a month or so. Even my knee surgeon was impressed with my rapid recovery. Tamworth Physio’s approach was very relaxed yet professional. I highly recommend their practice.”
Mrs Margaret Munro
“I first visited Tamworth Physio Clinic 15 years ago when conventional treatment on my back had not been successful. After a short series of treatment my back problems had eased. Since then the clinic is the first ‘port of call’ for me or any members of my family for any physio treatment needed.”
Ben Wright
“I suffered from painful back ache and a stiff neck for months before an appointment with Tamworth Physio. They treated this by massage and exercises, none of which were painful or felt like they would aggravate the problem. The symptoms eased almost immediately and disappeared after 5 sessions. The problem has not returned but, if it did, I would certainly visit the clinic again.”
Miss C. Springer
“Following a road traffic accident involving my vehicle being hit from behind, I suffered considerable pain around my left shoulder blade region. It affected my work life and general living and activities. Upon coming to the Physiotherapy Clinic and having hands on treatments, accompanied with ultrasound and short wave diathermy, my back was soon on the way to recovery. Building up resistance each time and receiving instruction on light exercise helped speed up my recovery. I am now fit as a fiddle, feeling no pain and, most importantly, back to work doing all activities I should be able to do for daily living. I am truly grateful to Tamworth Physio and their profession, for I was a person with little faith in physiotherapy, they have surely restored that faith and helped to heal my once aching back. Thank you.”
Denise Bevin
“My family and I have been going to see Tamworth Physio for many years with brilliant results. They are excellent at their job and do not treat you unless they think you need it. We have recommended them to many friends who also continue to use them as well. They give an excellent service.”
“Excellent treatment and advice. Professional but friendly and very adaptable as they are always able to work around my busy schedule.”
“Having suffered a broken ankle while playing golf, physiotherapy was the final chapter in my recovery to get back on the course. Tamworth Physio not only recommended a comprehensive exercise routine but a number of innovative ideas (ask them about the high heeled shoes), that saw me back on the course within four months.”