Types Of Treatment

Emphasis, whenever appropriate, is towards hands on treatment techniques. All treatments are outlined below.


A rhythmical movement to loosen joints


A sudden thrusting movement to loosen or re-align joints

Myofascial Release

The loosening and stretching of fascia which is sheets of fibrous tissue found throughout the body

Trigger Point Release

The reduction of tension in a muscle by applying pressure over a specific point that has become over-active and tight


Loosens soft tissue, breaks up scar tissue, increased blood supply, aid circulation and reduces swelling


Stengthening, stretching and balance exercises

Lifestyle Advice

Analysis of the strains put on the body during daily life and discussing ways to reduce them


High frequency sound waves which increase the rate of healing. Normally no sensation is perceived


Light energy which is absored by the tissues, thereby stimulating healing. Normally no sensation is perceived

Short Wave Diathermy

Electro-magnetic energy which increases cellular activity to accelerate the healing of soft tissue and bone injuries. Sometimes a warm sensation is perceived


Stretching of the spine for between five and thirty minutes to release pressure in the spine


A form of electrical current. It creates a tingling sensation and improves circulation, reduces swelling and the sensitivity of nerves


Correction of the biomechanics of the feet using supports placed under the foot in the shoe

Back Care Programmes

Advice on lifting technique, activity adjustment, posture and exercise tailored to the individual. To reduce the chance of recurrent following back injury

Sport Rehabilitation

An exercise programme to aid return to sport with sufficient preparation to avoid recurrent of an injury