What Is Physiotherapy?


TPC_IMG_0061Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury by correcting and improving the body’s natural healing processes.


In recent times physiotherapy has developed, combining its established techniques with those associated with other disciplines including osteopathy and chiropractic providing a more holistic and hands on approach.

The physiotherapist will initially discuss your injury while looking at lifestyle and activity which challenge your body and how your injury or pain is affected by your daily activity.  This enables us to advise on how to manage or adapt your activity, to allow your body to cope with the strains you put on it.

This is followed by a physical examination.  In some cases, particularly injuries caused by trauma, the examination is quite local to the area of pain.  In cases when the pain has developed slowly, a larger region of the body will be assessed, in some cases the whole body, as the body works as one not in isolation, and a dysfunction in one region can cause further dysfunction in another region, This can mean both regions require treatment.

TPC_IMG_0059Posture, movement patterns, reflex mechanisms, strength, range of movement of joints, swelling and tenderness may all be assessed.  This enables us to fully evaluate your injury and to plan your treatment.

The findings of the examination are then explained and the plan of treatment is discussed.